Our Mission

Our mission is to harness and leverage the collective skills, knowledge, and resources of individuals and organisations from across the diverse sectors, both public and private- Government, NGOs and academic sectors to help improve the wellbeing in the communities – both in Australia and Burma. We achieve this mission by researching, piloting and promoting collaborative and innovative approaches to community development. We work with partners from across all sectors to make a difference and achieve that mission.

Our Service

We are committed to improving the well-being of the community and dedicate our services, in order to respond to the needs of the community, focusing on:

  • Providing funding and support to facilitate and increase educational & vocational training and disaster relief to communities in Myanmar
  • Providing an identified critical need support to the Myanmar Seniors community through an Aged Care Provider Service
  • Capacity building initiatives to increase community participation in community activities, including the capacity of seniors to connect with friends and other community members through a free monthly meeting service focussing on dementia prevention
  • Harnessing opportunities to develop networks and partnerships with other organisations across various sectors of both government and non-government

1. Aim and purpose of Burmese Community Development Collaboration (BCDC)

BCDC has 2 main arms of purpose/aim. The first arm is to provide much needed aid and support to the desperate & impoverished people inside Myanmar. The second arm is to provide much needed aged care support to the Burmese community in Sydney who is culturally and linguistically disadvantaged.

2. Brief history of our organisation, including the year in which it was established

The organisation was founded in March 2011 with aim to support community health and education initiatives in Myanmar. At that time the organisation was named as “MDG Focus Myanmar”( Millennium Development Goal). In addition to supporting projects in Myanmar, members of the organisation made a decision at the AGM in December 2014 to initiate aged care services for the Burmese community in Sydney which was identified as a critical need area. Therefore the organization & name was changed to “Burmese Community Development Collaboration” (BCDC) to be in line with its support services in Myanmar as well as Australia. The Business name “Metta Community Care Sydney” (MCCS) was created to provide aged care services and support to the Burmese Community in Sydney. BCDC –ABN 39150530260 applied for Not For Profit Company Status & Registered Charity Status with The Australian Government – Australian Charities & Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) and gained this status on 03 December 2012.