Primary Education & Beyond Seminar for Myanmar (2012)
Sponsor Organisations

  • AUS AID ISSS Grant $17351
  • APHEDA $5000
  • Macquarie University – Academic Support
  • BCDC contribution $14856 + Overall project management


2011 to 2014
(1) Bore water Chin State $3200
(2)Free medical clinic $2320
(3)Primary school bore water $2246
(4) Online library Yangon $2366
(5)Thayat Phyugan School $5904
(6) 2 Monastic Schools $4300
(7) Pauk Boarding School $9851
Burma Constitution Reform Forum $4600
(1) Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraising $9000
(2) Community Aged Care Project
(3) Metta Community Care Sydney (MCCS)
(4) Monthly Centre based activities (12)
(5) Seniors’ Outdoor excursions (4)
(6) Donations – community centre Trust Fund $36451
(7) Donations – Aged Care General Fund $80700
(8) Community Transport Project, bought minibus $38000(from $80700)
(9)Applied for Aged Care Approved Provider Licence
(1) Myanmar Flood Relief Fundraising $ 37005
(2) Myanmar Development Fundraising $12700
MCCS Fundraising Concert $10562
BCDC collaboration & support for Myanmar projects
(1) 2 Aug ’17 – Pan PyoLatt Boarding School- Medical Student financial support donation – $1500
(5 th instalment)
(2) 11 Nov’17 – Soung Oo Hlaing Fundraising for Pan PyoLatt Boarding School, Myanmar – $7764
(3) 25 Nov’17 – 1 st BCDC collaborated collection of UEHRD ( Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine) Donation for Myanmar- contributed $1000
(4) 19 Jan’18 – Free Computer Training at Pa-an University Myanmar – BCDC donation of computers $2000
(5) 15 Mar’18 – Education Training Centre Project Pyin Oo Lwin – $10000
(6) 19 Mar ’18 – 2 nd BCDC Collaborated collection of UEHRD Donation $15000 (contributed $2000)
(7) 19 Mar 18 – BCDC hired a 64 seater Coach for members of the Burmese Community in Sydney to attend a “Daw Aung San Suu Kyi “ Event in Canberra where the Burmese Leader gave an audience to the Burmese Community in Australia while she came for an official visit to the Australian Government.
(8) 2 Jun ’18 – Medical Equipment Donation to Yangon Children Hospital $7612
(9) 05/09/2018 – BCDC Collaboration & organisation for a Fund raising Event by Myanmar Families in Sydney for victims of Floods in Myanmar – Total Proceeds $23450.00 (BCDC donation $2000) was donated to Daw Khin Kyi Foundation.
(10) 28/10/18 – BCDC held “Thet Kyee Puzaw Pwe” ( Homage paying ceremony for Elders in the Community)
(11) 1/12/18 – BCDC collected donation of $1800.42 from fundraising event for vocational training in Myanmar.
(12) 04/12/18 – BCDC donated 1st batch – $7000 worth In-Kind Donation of Computers and computer related equipment to Hope For Shining Stars (H4SS) Project in Myanmar (Non Formal Education Project)
(1) 02/01/2019 – Daw Ohnmar Khin, BCDC director, undertakes field visit to survey NFE classes (Non Formal Education) of H4SS in Yangon District areas by following up on our donated items.
(2) 16/02/2019 – BCDC writers Festival 2019 – with two visiting Burmese writers – U Hpone (Datu) & U Kaung Thant delivered literature talks
(3) 29/03/2019 – BCDC sponsored the two writers for literature talk event at the MCCS Seniors monthly meeting
(4) 23/04/19 In-kind Donation of Computers & Computer related equipment to Myanmar Red Cross Society and its affiliated Universities & Vocational Training Projects – worth $25625
(5) 06/06/2019 – BCDC sent $27328 worth of computers, sewing machines, office furniture & other equipment to Myanmar Red Cross & Hope for Shining Stars (H4SS) for vocational training and Self- learning Information Centres Project.
(6)29/06/2019 – at the MCCS monthly gathering, Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery Sayadaw U Pannyavaro from Lismore delivered a Dhamma talk and $4000 worth of monetary donations were donated to the Sayadaw.
(7) 30/06/2019 – A general partner agreement between BCDC and H4SS was signed for the vocational training and Self- learning Information Centres Project.
(8) 21/07/2019 – hosted the “Volunteers Appreciation Dinner” for about 80 BCDC Volunteers with lovely food, appreciation certificates & great raffle prizes.
(9) 03/08/2019- BCDC participated in the ceremony of the 31st anniversary of “8888 Student Uprising” and sponsored two Burmese writers – Thalawon Pyay and Alin Sat
(10) 10/08/2019 – BCDC participated in the community fundraising food fair for the Mon State flood victims and donated $500
(11)18/08/2019 – BCDC participated in the community fundraising food fair for “Khine Hnin Wai Parahita Foundation” (Myanmar homeless children Project) and donated $500
(12)31/08/2019 – hosted a literature Talk program of three Burmese writers – Sayama Juu, Sabai Phyu Nu and Manaw Hari at our MCCS monthly gathering day.
(13)08/09/2019 – BCDC/ MCCS arranged a three day Trip to the Gold Coast / Lismore to visit the Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery. Donations of $3500 were collected for The Monastery.
(14)21/09/2019 – BCDC sponsored the visit of Retired Burmese History Professor Dr U Toe Hla and hosted a historical literature talk at the BCDC fundraising Event for Vocational training in Myanmar. Donations of $1000 received from the event.
(15) 28/09/2019 – BCDC sponsored entry visas for five Burmese Pop singers and helped organise a fund raising night at Villawood Senior Citizen Hall. These five Burmese Pop Singers are to perform in a Gala Event on 19 October 2019 at Orion Hall, Campsie to raise school building funds for disadvantaged children in Phayagyi-gone village in Daedayae Township, Myanmar.
(16) 23/11/19 – BCDC hosted the Myanmar Community Cultural Festival at Granville Town Hall with an Event Grant funding from Cumberland Council.
(17) BCDC Collaboration for members of the Burmese Community and Organisations in Sydney –
BCDC has provided continuous assistance and collaboration to numerous community members and community organisations alike in hiring Community Halls and sponsoring entertainment Personnel from overseas to obtain Australian Entry Visas. It has also actively collaborated and participated in Community Events & Fund Raising activities. Please see the listed activities where BCDC has provided support, participation and collaboration for the Burmese Community in Sydney